Julia Ngeow is a director and visual artist, and works in creative development.

Co-director of documentary UNSPOKEN, with Emma Zurcher-Long and Geneva Peschka. UNSPOKEN is a¬†groundbreaking point-of-view journey into a non-fluent speaker’s world. 14 year old Emma challenges societal judgement surrounding autism… one keystroke at a time.

UNSPOKEN premiered at MVFF40 2017, screening at Shefflied Doc Fest 2017, The Wing Film Festival 2017 and SXSW Edu 2018. Winner of the “POSITIVE IMAGES IN THE MEDIA” 2017 TASH Award


Julia’s film career began in Australia where she directed two ScreenWest funded shorts, ‘Victims’ and ‘Carlos Rules the World’. Since then, she has collaborated with bands from Australia, USA and Canada on music video projects.

With a background in visual arts, production design, biophysical science and photography, Julia has spent years presenting her work in numerous mediums.

Currently based in New York.

FUN FACT: Julia has played the bagpipes since the age of 12.